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Quote1.png I have a city that's been hit by plagues, supervillains and now and earthquake. I'm trying to get the money to heal this city and finding that Gotham doesn't have many friends. I have a city past collapse. I'm surrounded by suffering and wondering what can I do. Quote2.png
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Marion Grange was the Mayor of Gotham City after Armand Krol.

Formerly District Attorney, she ran against incumbent Armand Krol for mayor. Her candidacy frightened him into firing James Gordon and replacing him as police commissioner with his wife, Sarah Essen.[1] Gordon later joined the race himself,[2] but with the backing of Bruce Wayne,[3] Grange won the election.[4]

She was attacked by Cornelius Stirk while attending a party at the Iceberg Lounge and was saved by Batman.[5] She approached Essen about becoming her personal liaison to the Gotham City Police Department,[6] a position Essen later accepted.

She was inaugurated as mayor early due to Mayor Krol's failure dealing with the Clench, and her first official act was to reinstate Gordon as Police Commissioner.[7] She lost her fourteen-year-old nephew Nicholas to the plague.[8] When it became clear the virus had only gone dormant, she opposed a measure proposed by Councilman Sperling that would have forcibly quarantined all survivors.[9]

Following the Quake, the Quakemaster threatened to cause another earthquake unless he was paid off. Grange was unable to pay him, however, due to the city's financial straits, and the Quakemaster was revealed to be the Ventriloquist, who hadn't caused the Quake in the first place.[10][11]

Grange went to Washington DC to appeal to the United States Government for aid,[12] but instead they chose to separate Gotham City from the country and turn it into a "No Man's Land". She was going to attend the final vote on the matter with Bruce Wayne, but en route, she was shot and killed by an assassin who was aiming for Wayne.[13]


  • Marion Grange was born in 1946 and died in 1998 at the age of 52.