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Quote1.png I have a city that's been hit by plagues, supervillains and now and earthquake. I'm trying to get the money to heal this city and finding that Gotham doesn't have many friends. I have a city past collapse. I'm surrounded by suffering and wondering what can I do. Quote2.png
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Marion Grange was the Mayor of Gotham City after Armand Krol.

Her first official acts as Gotham mayor was to name Seth Voder as the new Distric Attorney. She reinstated James Gordon as Police Commissioner and assigned Sarah Essen as her personal liaison to the Gotham City Police Department.[1]

During her administration, the city was hit by two strains of plague that decimated the population;[2] and later the city was struck by an earthquake that destroyed it.[3] After all those events, the United States Government decided to separate Gotham City from the country and turn it into a "No Man's Land". Grange attended to the hearings in favor of help the reconstruction of Gotham but to no avail.[4]

After the city was shut down, Grange had a conversation with Bruce Wayne and decided to be part of the ceremony of closing of Gotham at the Capitol Building but at the end of their meeting, Marion Grange was shot by mistake. A hired assassin by Nicholas Scratch was told to kill Bruce Wayne, but unfortunately the assassin missed the shot and killed Marion Grange inmediately.[5]


  • Marion Grange was born in 1946 and died in 1998 at the age of 52.