Marissa Barron is the wife of Geoffrey Barron aka Technocrat. During her estrangement of her ex-husband, she hired Sanction to assassinate her ex-husband and his associate, Charlie Wylde. During the firefight, she was killed by her own hired gun, along with Halo of the Outsiders. In an effort to rescue Gaby, Faust ensorcelled Marissa and Gaby, causing her spirit to take over her body. Marissa, as Halo, remained with the Outsiders.


  • Light Auras: Halo can generate various colored aura around herself which have different effects. Each color corresponds to a different effect, certain colors can be mixed and multiple colors can be used at the same time.
    • Red Halo: Halo can produce destructive heat beams to melt or burn enemies.
    • Orange Halo: Halo can produce powerful concussive force beams to knock back enemies.
    • Yellow Halo: Halo can produce brilliant flashing lights to stun or blind enemies.
    • Green Halo: Halo can produce halting stasis beams to stop and manipulate enemies.
    • Blue Halo: Halo can produce distorting holographic effects to confuse or disturb enemies.
    • Indigo Halo: Halo can produce physical tractor beams that can pull or push enemies.
    • Violet Halo: Halo can produce empowering mental effects that can give her previous body's consciousness control of their shared body.
  • Flight: Halo's body is inhabited by an Aurakle, a powerful ancient being. As such Halo can soar boundlessly due to her composite nature.
  • Resurrection: Halo's body is inhabited by an Aurakle, a powerful ancient being. If Halo's body should perish her consciousness can be resurrected into a new human body. This process has already been done three times to date.



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