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Marissa Rennie was a citizen of the Gem Cities.

During a fight between Captain Cold and the Flash, the ferry that Marissa was aboard was torn apart. The section that Marisa was on was accidentally thrown into the Speed Force. She, along with Albert Lim, Floyd Gomez and Iris West remained in the Speed Force for several months.[1]

The four were eventually rescued and returned to Earth by the Flash.[2] Although all four were gifted, in some way, with Speed Force powers, Marissa denied this when the Flash asked her.[3]

Soon afterwards, Marissa performed a "smash-and-grab" robbery on a jewelry store. Unfortunately, unable to control her powers, she also killed a security guard.[3] The police arrested Trickster for the crimes. Trickster protested, claiming innocence. The Flash was inclined to believe the Trickster, since murder didn't fit his profile.[3]

When the Outlanders staged a raid on Iron Heights in order to free Trickster, Marissa traveled to the island. She used her Speed Powers in an attempt to collapse the prison on Trickster, which would have ended the investigation into the murder.[4]

Arrested and incarcerated at Iron Heights, Marissa was murdered by Reverse-Flash as she was penning a note of apology to her boyfriend Gomez.[5]



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