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Demolitia was a self-made vigilante who used Bloodsport's old technology to seek vengeance.


Marita was everyday woman trying to make her way in the world. She lived with her mother, a Latin American immigrant, in Metropolis. When Lex Luthor attempted to destroy the city because he was dying from the Clone Plague, Marita was trapped in the rubble of one of the destroyed buildings for days. She was eventually found--not by rescuers, but by a vicious group of thugs who gang raped her. Marita swore that if she survived, she'd dedicate her life to helping victims. She made a deal with someone to acquire the technology Bloodsport used to teleport weapons to himself, and worked out until she had the body of an Olympic bodybuilder.

Donning an outfit similar to the original Bloodsport, she set herself up as the vigilante Demolitia. After stopping some muggers with deadly force, she decided the time was right to think big. Her first target was Richie Corday, an arms dealer who had just recently been acquitted. She did not expect to run into former LexCorp employees in full body armor working for him--nor did she expect Superman to turn up. But what really stopped her was when workers at the factory she hit begged with her not to destroy their livelihood. Demolitia used her teleporter to beam herself away.[1]

Later, calling herself Irene Diego, Demolitia infiltrated Lexcorp, intent on killing Lex Luthor. Due to the actions of another saboteur hired by Krisma, she ended up working with Luthor to stop a potential nuclear disaster.[2]