Quote1.png Marj was one of these organic garden back-to-nature types, and I've always been a great believer in just bunging something in the microwave. Quote2.png
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Marj was a New Ager, the mother of Merc and a friend of John Constantine.

While trying to hide from the police, John Constantine was discovered by Mercury, who took him home to her mother Marj. She was welcoming, and after a while, John agreed to accompany Mercury and Marj to a campsite for like-minded New Agers and activists.[1]

Eventually, Marj fell in love with John,[2] though the morning after that love was consummated she and Mercury were arrested under false pretenses so that an organization called Geotroniks could kidnap Mercury. Marj was drugged to prevent her from stopping them. Fortunately, John went into town and retrieved Marj, but it would be some time before she saw her daughter again.[3]

While John searched in London for clues to Mercury's whereabouts, Marj went with her companions to Scotland to join the Pagan Nation, led by Zed. There, she learned about matriarchal paganism, and began a bisexual relationship with Zed.[4]

When John finally returned with Mercury, he found Marj a changed woman, but he wanted her all the more. Under Zed's guidance, the Pagan Nation planned to counter Geotroniks' plan to raise up the male, draconian essence of the earth by raising up the female version by themselves. To do this, Marj and Zed used John's body as a sperm donor in order to impregnate Zed with the female dragon. Marj acted as midwife, and when the dragon rose, they were all washed away by the waves of the ocean.[5]

Some time later, John managed to find Marj and Mercury in London again. He was depressed, having been filled with guilt over his murder of another murderer. Mercury warned her mother not to let him get too close, or he would hurt her, but Marj could not resist him.[6] Eventually, they began travelling together again.[7]

In East Anglia, their bus broke down, and John and Marj went into town for replacement parts.[8] Upon their return, they found that Mercury had found yet another lost soul to adopt into their group. This frustrated Marj, but eventually, she began to count them all as family.[9] With her surrogate family, Marj rejoined the Pagan Nation, but she was filled with a sense that John would soon leave them.[10] This worry proved all too true.[11]



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