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Mark Antaeus was a South Carolina local hero and State Champion of the town of Tripoli. At an early age his father Phillip, a genetic engineer pioneer, experimented on him. These experiments granted Mark an enhanced bone and muscle density and tensility. Mark attended USC for a time.

Mark enjoyed local recognition and helping people until he attempted rescuing four people from a fire in a building and the building collapsed, killing them. Mark survived but couldn't bear the guilt for not doing enough, so he decided to enhance himself even further. Mark volunteered for S.T.A.R. Labs experiments that granted him extraordinary cybernetic enhancements. His superheroic deeds caught the attention of the JLA who invited him to form part of their ranks.

Mark went on missions with the Justice League, proving his worth. In one instance, Antaeus happened to show up alone at the border between the countries of Kirai and Negraab and he helped the UN army soldiers move a stuck truck carrying Vudish Refugees. There a military officer from the UN Army forces asked Antaeus why Superman and the JLA don't come and take down the dictator of Kirai, Gosnar Methan. Antaeus left but started asking himself the same question. Antaeus later on took Superman on a tour to the Southern Province of Vudistan to show him the conditions in where the people there were living. After returning to the Watchtower, Antaeus demanded the JLA to take out Gosnar Methan from the presidency, but Superman, Flash, Aquaman and Batman tried to convince him otherwise. Antaeus decided to go on his own against the JLA's orders and killed Gosnar Methan. The JLA showed up in Kirai and found out what Mark just did and confronted him on his actions. A battle ensued and Antaeus managed to defeat them and left the scene. Antaeus realized that his actions actually caused the death of at least 10,000 people in Kirai after the revolts caused by the power vacuum after Methan's death. Mark couldn't stand it and started ripping apart some of his enhancements in anger with himself. He then started flying and intently caused the plutonium core (that power himself) to meltdown and explode killing him mid-air.



  • Technological Reliability: Following his cybernetic augmentation, Antaeus' powers became linked to (and dependent upon) his implants, meaning that some of his powers could be disabled through disruption of the underlying electrical systems. He was ultimately killed by self-inflicted damage to his power core.
  • Mental Illness



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