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A two-bit criminal who had a little bit of luck, Mark Mardon stumbled upon a scientific device, a wand that could localize weather, creating hail, lightning, and other destructive forms of weather. He used the wand countless times against the Flash as Weather Wizard, a member of the Rogues Gallery. Accord to the Flash, Mark Mardon is one of the deadliest in his Rouges' Gallery.[1]


Weather Wizard developed a plan to take over the country by building weather control stations to blanket entire areas with extreme weather. He began in the small town of Goldville, Wyoming, demanding that the citizens pay him or experience severe weather. He would then use the money raised to fund larger control stations. When spring didn't come to Goldville, Elongated Man came to investigate. He was joined by Kid Flash, and together, the two defeated the Rogue.[2]

A while after this, the Weather Wizard travelled away from The Flash to Gotham City, where he tried to commit crimes and steal valuable objects. He was confident that the local hero, Batman couldn't stop him, but he didn't count on Robin's involvement and he was eventually captured.[3]

Weather Wizard was offered a large sum of money for a story on super villains for the National Snoop, which he got by recording the happenings of a party held in honor of Captain Cold.[4]

Birth Right

When Blacksmith was creating her Network, she brought together a large number of Rogues including Weather Wizard, by breaking him out of Iron Heights.[5] At the time, Wally West thought Julie Jackam's baby was his.[6] However, Weather Wizard learned that the child, Josh, was his from a one-night stand with Julie. Josh exhibited the same weather-controlling abilities that Mardon possessed, except he did not need the weather wand. Weather Wizard attempted to kidnap Josh to dissect him and understand his abilities for himself, but he was ultimately stopped by Flash and sent to Iron Heights once again.[7]

Final Crisis

Inertia reunited Weather Wizard and the rest of the Rogues, claiming that he could build a device that could stop time, allowing them to do whatever they wanted.[8] However, the machine's actual use was to transfer the Speed Force from the new Flash to himself. When the Flash arrived to stop them, the machine rendered him powerless. However, the Rogues soon realized that someone was helping the speedster, and it was possible that his powers could be returned. Not wanting this to happen, Weather Wizard, along with Captain Cold and Heat Wave fired on the powerless Flash in the back, resulting in his death [9]. Weather Wizard and Heat Wave were later captured by Captain Boomerang for the murder. Weather Wizard and other Rogues would be seen on Cygnus 4019, a prison planet seen as a more permanent solution for Earth's supervillain problem.[10]

Controversy over Brother's Death

Mark has a long-standing controversy over his brother's death. Mark recalls finding his brother dead in his home after escaping prison.[11] He recalls taking his brother's technology and furthered it to create his Weather Wand. Mark was further investigated during incarceration by Gregory Wolfe at Iron Heights for the suspected murder of his brother.[5] In a visit to his brother's cabin, Mark commiserated over the loss of his brother and admits that he was capable of murdering him.[12]


  • Weather Manipulation: Owning to his namesake, Weather Wizard has the ability to localize weather, creating hail, lightning, and other destructive forms of weather. Weather Wizard originally wielded a wand that enabled him to control weather patterns. Weather Wizard has used it to produce blizzards, summon lightning bolts, fly using air currents, produce fog and generate winds. Essentially Weather Wizard can produce any type of weather pattern imaginable, as well as other phenomenon such as tornadoes.


  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Mechanical Engineering: Following the principles from his brother's notebooks combined with his own inventive skill. Mark created his Weather Wand that would enable him to control the weather over limited areas. He even managed to create a weather control station, which he used to created frigid weather to cut Oakley County, Wyoming, off from the rest of the country.[13]


  • Weather Wand: Mark's wand's attuned to his brain, and he can command it mentally from afar.[14]

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.


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