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Mark Radley was a new student at Teen Titans Academy. He was always wearing a brown beret.

He shared a room with Brick Pettirosso in the Titans Tower. When Mark showed to be useful with the Bat Pack investigation in his and Brick's room to discover Red X's secret identity, Bratgirl said that he had a crush on Chupacabra, but he said that Mark was not his type.[2]

Mark was among the volunteers in organizing the Academy's Homecoming Ball. Later, during the party, he was toasting and then dancing with Miguel Montez together as a couple.[3]

He and Miguel became even closer in their relationship. At the Titans Tower observatory, when Mark was showing Miguel a handcrafted trophy inscribed "World's Best Titan" that he got from his little sister, they were surprised by the arrival of Dane (Nevermore) and Red-X through a magical portal being chased by a hellhound sent by the demon Neron. Mark tried to protect Miguel and other students, but he and Joely Webster ended up being killed by the monster, much to Miguel's dismay.[1]



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