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Its monarchy was established around 1776.

Markovia is the country of origin of metahuman siblings Geo-Force and Terra.


Its monarchy was established around 1776.[1]

During World War II, Markovia was occupied by Nazis. When they were defeated, most of the Nazis were banished from the place by the United States Army and the kingdom was restored under King Victor's rule.

In the mid-20th Century, in Europe, several traditional hereditary monarchies managed to survive both world wars, remaining independent and retaining their original form of government. Among these were Boravia, Carabas, Cornovia, Gardevia, Gavonia, Granaco, Kravia, Markovia, Moldacia, Norania, Numark, Offalia, Pan Balgravia, Ruina, Sardonia, Solvonia, and Valdania.

However, Baron Bedlam, a former Nazi who had occupied Markovia, tried to reclaim the throne several years later, causing the death of Viktor. In the ensuing armed confrontation, Bedlam tried to murder the rightful heir Gregor, but he was stopped and defeated by the youngest son of Viktor, Brion, who had gained super-powers and become Geo-Force. With Bedlam out of action, his army was easily defeated by the Outsiders and peace was restored to Markovia.[2]

Shortly after the ascension of King Gregor, Markovia had its first elections for prime minister. The race was between the bureaucrat Wilhelm Vittings and academic Josef Müller. The country was new to this circus, and violent arguments filled the streets. Vittings was in league with Baron Bedlam (or actually, Psycho-Pirate in disguise), and he won by default after Psycho-Pirate mind controlled Müller to commit suicide.[1]

Prime Earth

Markovia was bought by the Leviathan Organization under Mark Shaw to be used as a base of operations.

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