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Quote1.png He says they forgot about us. They turned away when we needed help. But he uses their mistakes to justify murdering and robbing his neighbor. Nothing justifies that. Quote2.png
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The third Amazing Man is a man named Markus Clay, who operates out of New Orleans.

He is Will Everett's other grandson, and the cousin of Will Everett III. Markus is currently helping survivors of Hurricane Katrina. He eventually was asked to join the Justice Society of America, his first official battle put him into direct confrontation with Gog.


  • Matter Absorption: Markus' cells can absorb inorganic matter and use it's non-biological properties and structure to change his body's own chemical structure to that of the material. As such if he touches stone he gains durability, if he touches steel he gains strength and if he touches fire he can project it. So far he must touch these objects, he cannot change into living matter and the effect seems to only change his skin. He can revert to his human form at will or when he's knocked unconscious. He gains all of the properties commensurate strengths and weakness no matter what they might be.


  • Leadership: Markus Clay hasn't led any superhuman teams however since stationing himself in New Orleans he's led the charge in changing the face of the ravaged city just as his powers change his skin. He's helped stem the tide of crime, lead neighborhood organizations and help the police in their daily rounds.


  • Power Limitation: If Markus' changes his skin to sand to soften a blow and is burned his skin will turn to glass and could be easily shattered. If he turns into pavement it restricts his movement and if he changes to something soft he could serious hurt his internal organs if injured. He must remain careful to switch off and on his ability in order to keep a safe structure.



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