Quote1 Is Bruce here? He's a good boy... a good friend. What does Aristotle say about friends, Tommy? Quote2
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Marla Elliot came from rather pedestrian roots before marrying into the prestigious Elliot family. She married Roger Elliot and gave birth to a son, Thomas. Roger proved to be an abusive alcoholic husband. She willingly endured her situation to keep her lavish lifestyle going and not return to living an impoverished existence.[1]

While she did love her son, she never defended Tommy from his father's tyranny. She forced Tommy to memorize Aristotle, as a subtle, passive way to deal with his father. Thomas never forgave her for this.[2]

When Tommy Elliot was still a young boy, he orchestrated an automobile accident designed to kill his parents, but he only partially succeeded. Though his father died, Marla Elliot survived thanks to Thomas Wayne's efforts.[1]

After this, Marla would not allow Tommy out of her care, but she agreed to let him go to a summer camp and a few days later, she regretted her decision and went looking for Tommy to take him out of the place, without consulting him. As a result, Tommy's anger was out of control and he was sent to a clinic to control his issues. When he finished his therapy, Marla picked him up and told him about the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne.[2]

Marla used the Elliot fortune to prevent Thomas from leaving her side and promised to pay for him to attend medical school. However, she was always dissatisfied with her son, comparing him to his childhood friend, Bruce, who had traveled around the world.[3]

When Tommy started dating Peyton Riley, Marla hated her on sight and expressed her disapproval due to her family background, which caused Thomas to be furious at her and a heated argument ensued.[4] After this, she disowned him and cut him out of the Elliot family fortune. Tommy then killed her by suffocating her with a pillow and told people that she died in a household accident. Peyton overheard Marla's talk with her son and killed her lawyer before the will could be changed, thus ensuring Tommy inherited the Elliot fortune.[5]


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