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Marla Latham was the executive assistant to R.J. Brande and chaperone to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

When billionaire R.J. Brande founded the Legion of Super-Heroes, a team of super-powered teenagers, he bore the threat of legal scrutiny from the United Planets government for the possible endangerment of minors. His solution was to appoint an Adult Advisor, who could act as a Chaperone to the younger Legionnaires, Marla Latham, who was then acting as his executive assistant. Although Marla's primary duties were mainly for show, as the Legion took care of itself very well, he served an important role in the Legion Academy, where he acted as a teacher, and often as an instructor to the newer Cadets.

After the Legion had become well established enough to function autonomously, Marla feared that not only had his position become obsolete, but that he was holding the younger heroes back, acting almost as a crutch in a way. He requested that Brande have him transferred, and left on an official basis permanently, although he would occasionally visit some of the Legionnaires socially. When Ultra Boy was framed for murdering An Ryd by Pulsar Stargrave, Marla stepped in to make sure the investigation was handled properly.[1] In his later years, he became more of a friend and confidante to R.J. Brande, remaining in semi-retirement although he was always ready whenever the Legion needed him.


  • Pedagogy: Although he is no longer active, years of interacting with and supervising younger Legionnaires in training have made Marla an excellent teacher.

  • Ultra Boy modeled his own uniform after Marlas, looking up to him as a mentor.[2] Marla took him on his very first trial mission before he could become a full-time member of the Legion.[3]