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Marlize DeVoe (née Malan) was the devoted wife of Clifford DeVoe, who called himself The Thinker.

They first met at Oxford University, whilst Marlize was pursuing doctorates in engineering and robotics. Marlize had a pro-technology stance and believed it could better the world, but Clifford hated technology only believing it to hurt humanity's curse. Despite their differences, Marlize enjoyed having a partner who could debate and challenge her, until discovering Clifford's dark intentions of wiping technology from the Earth and starting the human race over again. Marlize moved to Kenya, developing a technology to turn contaminated water fresh again. However, a local Kenyan militia group slaughtered Marlize's organization and stole the tech for themselves. Marlize's brush with death caused her to realize the truth of Clifford's plan, bringing them together once more.[1]

Marlize was instrumental in developing Clifford's Thinking Cap, which he used on the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator activation to harness the unleashed dark matter. The Thinking Cap had the unfortunate side effect of making Clifford's body fail however, and Marlize became his caretaker, eventually building Clifford a chair that gave his brain energy so it wouldn't have to feed off his body.[2] When Barry Allen was framed for the murder of Clifford, Marlize testified against him.[3]

Marlize would grow disillusioned with Clifford's plan as he increasingly grew more sadistic, combined with his constant mind-swapping to different metahuman bodies. Clifford kept Marlize sedated and in love with him through the tears of the Weeper, and though Marlize would constantly discover this, Clifford would always catch her upon discovery and wipe her mind clean again.[4]



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  • Marlize DeVoe is portrayed by Kim Engelbrecht.



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