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He is the one that turned Weeping Woman, summoned Bloody Mary, created the hook guy using the Ashoth and mutating Waylon Jones to a even more monstrous form. he was Falchion warlock but plotted to kill him and become the leader of MEDUSA new right hand. he use his Sune form (Whom he call sister) to get close to Batwoman and DEO to get him to that position (With his Sune persona having a 'thing' for batwoman. When he was able to kill Falchion he reveal his true self to Batwoman and explain to her that she been use and that MEDUSA will think that she killed Falchion. When chase was about to kill him Batwoman stopped her but he was still wounded. he shapeshifted to a white wolf (Or fox) form and jump to the portal giving the order to Croc and the weeping woman to deal with them. he appeared with the children in front of Mitera.


Shapeshifting Sorcery: He is a warlock capable of bringing folktales and urban legends to life as seen with the weeping Woman.





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