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Marshall Rogers (b. January 22, 1950 – d.March 25, 2007) was a comic book artist best remembered for his contributions to the Batman mythos.

Professional History

Like many artists, Rogers began doing back-up strips in various obscure anthology titles such as Weird War Tales, but he quickly cemented himself as a comic book legend for his distinctive technique on Detective Comics beginning with Detective Comics #466. Along with writer Steve Englehart, Rogers' run on Detective proved very popular and came to be known as the "Strange Apparitions" story-arc. Englhart and Rogers revisited the concept in 2005 with the Batman: Dark Detective limited series. In 1989, Rogers was the first artist to work on the new Batman newspaper comic strip.

Personal History

He was born in the Flushing neighborhood in the borough of Queens and passed away in his home from a heart attack on March 25, 2007 at the age of 57.

Work History


  • Was nominated at the 1978 Eagle Awards for Favorite Artist, for Favorite Single Story for Detective Comics #472, "I am the Batman" with Steve Englehart and for Favourite Continued Story for Detective Comics #471-472 with Steve Englehart.
  • Won the 1979 Inkpot Award.


  • Marshall Rogers was one of several famed Batman artists whose work was the inspiration for one of the Batman black & white mini-statues.

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