Marshall Rogers (b. January 22, 1950 – d.March 25, 2007) was a writer.

Personal History

He was born in the Flushing neighborhood in the borough of Queens,

Professional History

Like many artists, Rogers began doing back-up strips in various obscure anthology titles such as Weird War Tales, but he quickly cemented himself as a comic book legend for his distinctive technique on Detective Comics beginning with Detective Comics #466. Along with writer Steve Englehart, Rogers' run on Detective proved very popular and came to be known as the "Strange Apparitions" story-arc. Englhart and Rogers revisited the concept in 2005 with the Batman: Dark Detective limited series. In 1989, Rogers was the first artist to work on the new Batman newspaper comic strip.

Work History


  • Was nominated at the 1978 Eagle Awards for Favorite Artist, for Favorite Single Story for Detective Comics #472, "I am the Batman" with Steve Englehart and for Favourite Continued Story for Detective Comics #471-472 with Steve Englehart.
  • Won the 1979 Inkpot Award.


  • Marshall Rogers was one of several famed Batman artists whose work was the inspiration for one of the Batman black & white mini-statues.

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