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Martha Kent was the adoptive mother of Superman.

Martha Clark lives in the small rural town of Smallville, Kansas. She lives with her husband Jonathan Kent, who live and operate a farm. One night they witnessed the arrival a Kryptonian Rocket which was the lift raft of the infant Kal-El. She retrives the baby from the craft and was instantly in love with the baby. She insists to her husband that they keep the baby and and raise him as their own. Martha uses her maiden name clark as thus the young Kal-El becomes Clark Kent.

Over the years, the couple raise the young boy with morals and values and teach him to handl his groing powers. When her son is attacked by the time-traveling Brainiac uses shotgun along with her husband to protect their teenage son. When Clark goes to Metropolis to begin his career in Journalism she supports him. When Clark return for advice about dealing with his reveal as Superman, she tells him to share his stories with the people of the world so they no longer fear him.



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