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Quote1 I knew this time would come. We both knew it from the day we found you. Quote2
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Martha Kent was the adoptive mother of Superman.

Martha Clark Kent was the wife of Jonathan Kent, a Smallville farmer who saw Kal-El's star ship fall out of the sky and land in a nearby field with its three-year-old passenger, human in appearance, surviving the wreckage intact. She persuaded her husband to take the child as his own son, who gave him the name Clark Kent, even as they saw the young boy lift up their pickup truck with ease. When Clark was 18, her husband suffered a fatal heart attack, which left her a widow and her son Clark (who was discovering his own superhuman powers and abilities at the time) feeling ashamed that with all his powers, he couldn't even save his own father. Martha lived as a widow and was supported by Clark sending half his paycheck from his work as a Daily Planet reporter to her until she died, leaving the farm in Clark's hands to sell to a farmer who's willing to use it as a farm.