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Martha Kent (née Clark) was the wife of the late Jonathan Kent.

She and Jonathan, farmers living in Smallville, Kansas. The couple were unable to have children of their own and Martha prayed every day for a child.

One day while driving down a road with her husband, the couple witnessed a meteor shower rained down around them, causing their truck to be driven off the road and into a ditch. Curious as to what it was that had fallen from the sky, the couple ventured into the crater. The couple were shocked to find a spaceship and even more shocked when a young boy crawls out. Whilst Jonathan was wondering were the boy came from, Martha didn't care, Martha saw the boy as a gift from the heavens. The couple loaded the ship onto the truck and took the boy home and stowed the ship in their storm cellar. The couple had adoption papers forged naming him Clark Kent and they raise the child.

Martha loved Clark as her own and raised him with good morals and discipline. Clark had what could be described as an idealistic childhood. While Jonathan dealt with the problem of Clark's developing powers, she gave him the love and support to keep him grounded.

Martha is the person who designed and made the first Superman costume, and always keeping a spare just in case. Martha, has cared for many heroes and their secrets, such as her adopted niece Supergirl, her son's clone Superboy, and the mysterious Mon-El. The Kents even took in Krypto the Superdog, as he was destroying Clark and Lois' apartment.


  • Martha has German ancestry from her grandmother.[2]