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Martha Wayne was the mother of Batman (Bruce Wayne).

Martha Wayne (née Kane) was born into the Kane family, who were so rich that they allegedly "owned the half of Gotham that the Waynes don't". Her father, Roderick "Roddy" Kane, had a fortune through his ownership of Kane Chemicals. Martha married Thomas Wayne, though this started an argument with her parents which would last the rest of her life. However, she remained on good terms with her friend Marsha Lamarr.

Martha, Thomas and their son young Bruce were walking home from a night out at the movies when a mugger known as "Joe Chill" pounced from the shadows of Park Row and assaulted them, demanding money. Thomas tried to fight back, but the mugger shot him directly in the chest, killing him. He then turned his gun on Martha and viciously ended her life as well. Bruce stared on in horror, as his parents lay dead beside him. Chill turned on his heel and ran from the alleyway. Bruce made a graveside promise that he would bring the lowly killer to justice and avenge their deaths. His personal crusade would escalate until the fateful night that he chose to become Gotham City's Dark Knight protector — the Batman.

A few years ago, the international eco-terrorist Ra's al Ghul disinterred the Waynes' remains and threatened to immerse them in one of his Lazarus Pits — which would cause their resurrection as decomposed zombies. Batman infiltrated Ra's stronghold however, and reclaimed his parents' bodies before Ra's could fulfill his scheme.[1]

  • Martha's maiden name, Kane, was revealed in Batman Secret Files and Origins #1.
  • Martha was a medical doctor[2]
  • Martha was killed on June 26 at 10:47 PM.[3]
    • The Legion #29 gives her death year as 1976, however, in The Batman Files a newspaper gives the year as 19?9 with the decade number being smudged out.