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Quote1.png Oh, Jonathan... who knew trying to do the right thing... would be the hardest thing to do. Quote2.png
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Martha Kent is the adoptive mother of Superman. While not actually related to them, she acts as the surrogate aunt of Superboy and Supergirl.

Superman of Smallville

Martha married Jonathan and the two owned Kent Farm. They discovered a Kryptonian Rocket housing a baby. They hid the rocket under their barn and adopted the child under the name Clark Kent. As Clark grew up, he developed superpowers and decided to become a superhero.

One day, a mysterious being with similar powers to Clark harassed Smallville. Jonathan and Martha forbid him from going out, but Clark disobeyed them and went investigating. He returned with a puppy, later revealed to be named Krypto, angering his parents, who decided to ground him. The next day, Jonathan returned to inform Clark that a Brainiac rocket was attacking downtown, only to find that the Kryptonian rocket had activated. Jonathan initially protested to Clark going after it, but Martha convinced him otherwise. Afterwards, Clark revealed that Krypto was the mysterious being and that the new ship was what brought him to Earth.[1]

Definitely Not a Monday

Ma Kent had just finished cleaning the barn, when Superman crashed through the window and messed up the hay. Clark left in a hurry, leaving Martha to clean up. Later that day, she had similar interactions with Superboy and Supergirl. Kara revealed that it was Solomon Grundy that was knocking them into the barn, prompting Ma to travel to Metropolis and intervene. She slapped Grundy's wrist, then she dragged him by the ear back to Smallville, where she had him clean up Kent Farm.[2]

Field Trip

Ma Ma Kent versus Doomsday

Martha took Conner, Kara, Krypto, and Streaky to visit the Daily Planet. She got to meet Clark's boss and coworkers, including his future girlfriend, Lois Lane. The supers left the newsroom when Doomsday invaded the city. As he was winning the battle, Ma Kent hopped in and slapped his wrist, convincing him to leave. Afterwards, a Brainiac Probe, disguised as a cowboy, confronted them. Riding Comet the Super-Horse, she defeated it and took its robotic horse.[3]