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Martha Wayne was the wife of Thomas Wayne and the mother of Bruce Wayne.

While she and her husband were returning home after a night out at the cinema, they were attacked by a mugger, with Martha being accidentally shot when Thomas attempted to fight him off, while Thomas was killed by the mugger directly. This trauma inspired their son to become Batman in an attempt to make Gotham a place where nothing like that could happen again, but he became increasingly brutal and bitter as time went on.

During Batman's struggle with Superman, when he was about to stab Superman with a kryptonite spear, Superman asked him to 'save Martha', invoking Bruce's memories of his mother. When Lois Lane appeared to confirm that Martha was the name of Superman's mother, this similarity between the two helped Batman accept that Superman was fundamentally human despite his powers, prompting him to act to save Superman's mother while Superman confronted the threat of Lex Luthor.