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"Heroes": On Mars, there is a mountain that is 16 miles tall and reaches through the Martian atmosphere. The natives called it "the God Seat", when there were natives... but on the paradoxical version of Mars where Martian Manhunter now is, the God Seat explodes, threatening the imminent death o

Mister Biscuits

Martian Manhunter (Volume 4) #8 is an issue of the series Martian Manhunter (Volume 4) with a cover date of March, 2016. It was published on January 20, 2016.

Synopsis for "Heroes"

On Mars, there is a mountain that is 16 miles tall and reaches through the Martian atmosphere. The natives called it "the God Seat", when there were natives... but on the paradoxical version of Mars where Martian Manhunter now is, the God Seat explodes, threatening the imminent death of the surviving Martians. Worse, this Mars is on a collision course with Earth.

J'onn J'onzz flies into a city, where he finds a crowd of Martians. They swap stories: twenty years ago, when Mars was dying, the elders of their race put the flower of Martian magical power into a champion who they hoped could save them. But it didn't work, and their world began to crumble. Ma'alefa'ak, a demogogue, has sent his blood-hunters after the survivors for two decades, hoping to gain enough power for a nefarious end. They have hidden here, but now the buildings crumble, and soon they will collide with the blue world in their sky.

J'onn reels from the impossible situation before him - the Martians died uncountable time ago, but are here now; the only way to save Earth is to let the Martians die, but they are alive how - as well as the riddle of how Ma'alefa'ak arrived two decades ago when he left Earth seconds before J'onn. However, a child in the crowd asks J'onn if his cape makes him a hero, and J'onn resolve crystallizes. He will save these people. His people.

In a roving fortress on another part of the planet, Daryl Wessel is going mad. He can see the looming Earth in the sky above him, and guesses where Baltimore is. He rattles off stories about his brother, who lives in Baltimore and never calls... but they are just stories. Daryl Wessel is a side-effect of the Martian Manhunter. He goes silent.

This is pathetic to Alicia, who has locked him up here because she knows that the Martian Manhunter is a living weapon for the Martians, and she doesn't trust him. Daryl sees past his own grief to realise that Alicia is a grown young woman. He asks what her story was. Reluctantly, she explains that she was kidnapped at the airport, just after saying goodbye to him and Mister Biscuits, by a monstrous agent that the Martians had nicknamed "the Martian Man-Eater". He held her inside him as he tried to make her give information. Then, Ma'alefa'ak's blood magic spell to bring back Mars summoned all the Martians away, and she was carried away inside the Man-Eater. Staggering free, she found herself alone on an alien world... but not for long. She was joined by the Ghana Air 747 that Daryl, Leo Chandler, and Mister Biscuits had been on, trying to reach the scene of the crime. She thought they would be on the plane, but they weren't. She and the passengers numbered 500. After two decades of being hunted by Ma'alefa'ak, there are 92 of them. But they have been joined by some of the Martians. Ma'alefa'ak has gone mad, and slowly come to the conclusion that, if he cannot find J'onn J'onzz to perform his life-saving magic, he can kill everyone on Mars to get the same effect. Alicia leads this fortress, and all within it: the Rebel Army of Mars. And if she can kill Ma'alefa'ak before Mars and Earth collide, she will die happy.

Daryl screams that he can help, that she does not need to lock him but, but Alicia underlines her previous statement: he is the Martian Manhunter. If he can access him powers, he can break out and help them. Until then, he is just someone who betrayed her.

At the city, J'onn is told that the barrier that hides Mars from Earth also keeps all the Martians in, rendering their spaceflight infrastructure useless. J'onn immediately links this to something called "the Mars child", which was rumored not to exist. Suddenly, Ma'alefa'ak, at the helm of a mighty subterranean war city, bursts from the ground and begins destroying the city. Ma'alefa'ak, who has spent decades in murder, explains that his original plan was destroyed when J'onn fought back when he was sent to Earth. J'onn split into multiple personae. Now Ma'alefa'ak wants nothing more than to rip the Martian Manhunter apart to fuel his magic. But J'onn doesn't need to be alive for him to achieve this. On his command, the war-city becomes an anthropoid mecha. J'onn prepares for the fight of his life.

Back at the Rebel Army's base, Mister Biscuits is expressing his love of this strange new world to his cellmate, the Pearl. The Pearl is less than receptive, as she is still reeling from the revelation that she is part of the Martian Manhunter, which has changed her body into that of a native Martian, and changed her brain so she no longer thinks in Arabic. At a loss, Mister Biscuits looks out a window, seeing a Martian child on a nearby hilltop, which fills him with a hunger for answers... and biscuits. Struck suddenly by the revelation that there are no biscuits on Mars, Mister Biscuits tears the doors off the cell, ready to fight and die for truth and raisin cookies.

On a hilltop, a juvenile silhouette watches madmen and nihilists fight for the privilege of being the last to die, while shapeshifting refugees watch powerless. The silhouette dares Mars to show it heroes. As J'onn is trapped by Ma'alefa'ak's energy harpoons, the fortress of the Rebel Army of Mars clears the final rise and has the fight in its sights. Via tannoy, Alicia declares that Ma'alefa'ak will pay for his crimes against Mars, Earth and nature.

Turning off the tannoy, Alicia orders that the fortress be put into heavyweight mode. Engines rev, parts unfold, and the fortress becomes another colossal anthropoid mecha, ready to fight!

Appearing in "Heroes"

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Supporting Characters:

  • The Refugees
  • The Rebel Army of Mars


Other Characters:

  • The Mars Child




  • The War-City
  • The Rebel Army Fortress/Ghana Air 747 (Flashback and main story)

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