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 The Martians were the native inhabitants of the planet Mars.


In 1938, Mars became inhospitable to the Martians in which they are forced to leave their planet and invade Earth. After landing on Earth, the Martians immediately proceed to attack humanity with their advanced weapons and war machines. Within three weeks the Martians devastated nations such as Nazi Germany, Britain, America, and the Soviet Union. Although having dealt a severe blow to humanity, the Martians were not immune to Earth's bacteria.

In America, the Martians captured a Kryptonian named Clark Kent and studied him to create a immunity to Earth's diseases. A human collaborator named Lex Luthor aided the Martians to replicate Clark's antibodies which would be enough to eliminate all but the most advanced cases. This caused the Martians to see no further use for Luthor and planned to dispose of him. But Luthor survived and quickly switched his allegiance, leading to Clark finding a way to defeat the Martians at the cost of his life. Luthor followed up on Clark's insight in which he realized the Martians are unaccustomed to Earth's gravity and used that knowledge to duplicating the disruption of the Martians' antigravity, bringing down the Martians' remaining war machines while the invaders began to die off from Earth's diseases.

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