Martin "Mad Dog" Hawkins was one of the first patients of Amadeus Arkham.

As a child, Hawkins endured a terrible upbringing due to his father beating and sexually abusing him. He grew up to become a disturbed man who engaged in self-harm.

One day, He hallucinated visions of the Virgin Mary, who told him to go out and kill women, and destroy their faces and sexual organs in order to "stop the dirty sluts from spreading their disease". He killed many women before he was caught and sentenced to stay in the State Psychiatric Hospital in Metropolis.

Once there, he was treated by Dr. Amadeus Arkham. After some time, Arkham returned to Gotham City to found Arkham Asylum.

On April 1st, Arkham came home to find that Martin Hawkins had broken into his house, dismembered his wife Constance, and had raped his daughter before decapitating her and putting her head in a dollhouse. This would be one of the factors that eventually drove Arkham insane.

Hawkins was quickly captured again and sentenced to Arkham Asylum, becoming one of its first patients, under the treatment of Dr. Arkham himself. During their sessions, he matter-of-factly called Arkham's daughter a slut and described the rapes and murders in graphic detail. Dr. Arkham appeared to take this all in his stride, earning him praise from his colleagues for his dedication to mental health and rehabilitation.

On the anniversary of the murder, however, Amadeus strapped Hawkins to a shock therapy table and fatally electrocuted him, getting revenge for the deaths of his wife and daughter. Hawkins' death was ruled an accident.



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