Martin Joseph was the Warden of Blackgate prison.

He was known to be more concerned with the politics of his job rather than the responsibilities that came with it. Although he has a degree in criminology and has spent a short time in police administration, he has never served as a beat or done time as a prison guard. He got the job for because of his administrative abilities, and tasked with finding ways to increase prison profitability. While he has experienced some degree of success it has come at a cost. The number of inmates has ballooned while maintenance expenditures have been cut, causing the facility to fall into despair and disrepute. There are more and more guards on the payroll of Black Mask and the Penguin and the prison has become a haven for criminals and criminal activity. It should be noted that Joseph does not seem to have any criminal ties, he is just trying to do the job he was hired to do.

When Black Mask (Secretly The Joker) broke out with Killer Croc, he was attacked. He was rescued by Batman. Later that night when the Joker caused another outbreak at the prison, the Warden was once again attacked.





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