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  • Firestorm Matrix: When Martin merges with Ronnie Raymond or Jefferson Jackson, the two create the nuclear-powered being Firestorm. The Firestorm Matrix is controlled by two individuals when they achieve physical contact, and merges them into a singular being.
    • Psychic Link: While the two are merged into Firestorm, Jefferson can hear Martin Stein's voice in his head.[1]
    • Radiation Production: Firestorm is virtually a living nuclear reactor, and as such, creates great amounts of nuclear radiation inside his body. This allows him to harness the energy emitting from his either his own body or any near energy sources.[1]
    • Pyrokinesis: Firestorm is able to produce nuclear energy in the form of fire from his body. He can use his control over the energy to project it in the form of concussive blasts.[1]
    • Flight: Firestorm is capable of projecting his flames downward, granting himself the ability to fly at great speeds.[1]
    • Energy Absorption: Firestorm is capable of absorbing nuclear energy, as shown when he absorbed the blast from a nuclear warhead.[2]


  • Theology: On the insistence of his father, the young Martin Stein became a rabbi, before being sent to MIT.[3] As a rabbi, Stein is legally allowed to marry couples and handled the wedding of Caitlin Snow and the late Ronnie Raymond.
  • Martin Stein was born in 1950.[4]




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