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Quote1.png Oh, I haven't let him out in years. Doesn't talk much anymore. Quote2.png
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Martin Stein was a Central City scientist who was merged with Ronnie Raymond during the S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator explosion. Stein was trapped within Ronnie's body without never appearing again in human form as he became Deathstorm.

In 2013, S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator exploded and emitted dark matter that created a large number of metahumans in Central City. Martin Stein was unwillingly merged with Ronnie Raymond so that they became a single metahuman with Ronnie's body and Stein's consciousness.

Raymond went insane and became the criminal known as Deathstorm, preventing the two of them to return into their human forms. Professor Stein was forced to live inside his body and, eventually, gave up on speaking with Ronnie.

Years later, Stein was killed along with Ronnie after the latter was murdered by Zoom for trying to kill The Flash of another reality.[1]


  • Firestorm Matrix: Martin Stein was merged with Ronnie Raymond but he was not in control of his body.
    • Psychic Link: While the two were merged into Deathstorm, Ronnie could hear Stein's voice in his head before going silent.


  • It is unknown if Stein was somehow absorbed into Ronnie's mind or he willingly stopped talking to him.