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Raven was an associate of the Metal Men.

Martina Zelenka was born in Czechoslovakia during the Cold War. Zelenka was nine years old when her father was detained and disappeared by the Soviets in which her mother was forced into marriage with a party official who beat her. Her mother soon committed suicide when Zelenka was fifteen. Subsequently, Zelenka, going by her alias Raven, joined the Czech resistance against the Soviets during the Czech War in 1968. She and her resistance discovered an undetonated Red Tornado warhead and secured it. They relayed the news of the salvaged Red Tornado to the Americans for retrieval to broker the Soviets into peace. Zelenka acted as contact to the American unit, the Metal Men, who were sent to extract the Red Tornado. After bringing them to the Red Tornado the Metal Men's leader Marcus Moore intended on launching the warhead at Moscow to quickly end the war. This led to a tense and deadly standoff between Moore and his second Samuel Schwartz, who the latter morally refused to see that kind of weapon to be used on a civilian population. As a result, Zelenka killed Moore and saving Schwartz's life in the process. Zelenka was not charged with Moore's death as the official report labeled the cause of Moore's death from being shot by a Soviet soldier.

After the war, Zelenka unsurprisingly married Schwartz, as the couple became immediately infatuated upon meeting each other for the first time, subsequently becoming the First Lady of the United States after her husband entered into politics and became President.

During Schwartz's tenure in office, Zelenka was sent with former Metal Men members John Holliday and Rey Quinones into a covert mission in China to extradite the Chinese's superhuman Powergirl; however, Powergirl declined their proposal in siding with the U.S. and left on her own accord.