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Doctor Maru, also known as Doctor Poison, is a Russian toxicologist with a grudge against the United States Government.

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This section of the history takes place during the New 52, between the events of Flashpoint and DC Rebirth. It was later revealed that much of Wonder Woman's history from this time was an elaborate illusion created by the Gods of Olympus to keep her away from Paradise Island. All or part of this section may have been part of that illusion and no longer valid in Rebirth.

When Maru was young, her parents, both scientists, were approached by the Americans to produce a checmical weapon. They refused, but days later, they were arrested by the Russians. Maru only learned years later her parents died during their interrogation.

She dedicated herself to her parents' work, but not for the Americans - instead, she would use it against them. She plotted to poison President Obama at a G8 summit in London. One scientist she had abducted managed to get word out, and Wonder Woman countered her plans.

Maru planned to disperse the poison close to the president with a cloaked drone, but Wonder Woman could disable it. Maru escaped, but was apprehended shortly after and handed over to the police. With the aid of a concealed poison capsule, she could escape from the prison van.



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