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Marva Psycho was the wife of Wonder Woman villain Doctor Psycho.

While in medical college, Marva Psycho was courted and married by another student, an unusual-looking young man named Psycho. But Marva was secretly in love with a more attractive and athletic student, named Ben Bradley. To cover their illicit affair, Ben and Marva framed Doctor Psycho for a major radium theft. Psycho was indicted, and Marva testified against him, claiming to be an eye witness. Her story was bought, the charges stuck, and Doctor Psycho was sent to prison, leaving Marva and Ben free to marry. Doctor Psycho spent most of his sentence planning his revenge, and when released, he murdered Bradley and abducted Marva, and hypnotically compelled her to marry him.

Doctor Psycho treated Marva Psycho as a slave, and incorporated her into his fake-seance stage show, as he attempted an elaborate fraud against the U.S. War Department. Marva's part was to be tied to a chair, and under Psycho's hypnotic direction to materialize enough ectoplasm for him to produce his special effects. When Wonder Woman busted Doctor Psycho, she gave the very repentant Marva some advice, quoted above.

Under the name "Jane Gray", Marva enlisted in the WAACs. Early in her training, a criminal associate of her estranged husband, named Stoffer, attempted to assassinate the commanding officer of Private Gray's base, and to frame Marva for the crime. He failed in both of these efforts, due to the intervention of Wonder Woman, and Marva earned a commendation for her heroic conduct in the apprehension of Stoffer.

Doctor Psycho escaped from prison again, and was able to place his estranged wife in a deep trance, in which condition she would continuously materialize new ectoplasm. Marva, as Sgt. Psycho, was placed in Hattoran Army Hospital, while Doctor Psycho misused this ectoplasm in another series of crimes. Wonder Woman again discovered and disrupted Psycho's schemes, rescued Marva, and carried her away to Reform Island.


  • In her 2nd appearance, Marva was a Private and called herself Jane Gray. In her 3rd appearance, Marva was a Sergeant and was called Marva Psycho. When and how the Army learned her true identity are not revealed. The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia fixes this inconsistency by making "Marva Jane Gray" her full maiden name.



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