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"The Marvel Family Battles the Sivana Family!": The Sivana Family had a plan to separate the Marvels from their lightning, but Sivana realized that it would take more energy than an atomic bomb. [[Thaddeus Si

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Captain Marvel

Marvel Family #10 is an issue of the series Marvel Family (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1947.

Synopsis for "The Marvel Family Battles the Sivana Family!"

The Sivana Family had a plan to separate the Marvels from their lightning, but Sivana realized that it would take more energy than an atomic bomb. Sivana Jr. had found an Atlantean record of an element called Protium; which was even more powerful than Plutonium or Neptunium. In 10,000 yrs it decayed and became Neutrium and in another 10,000 yrs, Neutrium decayed into Electrium; and the Sivana's device needed a vial of each.

Faster-than-light ships got the Sivanas access to the Rock of Eternity, where they travelled to Ancient, Modern, and Future Atlantis. The Wizard Shazam warned the Marvel Family and they pursued the Sivanas.

Georgia Sivana appeared in ancient Atlantis and found Chal-Patzun, who had written about Protium. Chal-Patzun was regarded as a crackpot because he claimed that Atlantis would sink, and so he had created Protium. His descendants would keep the vials in their family vault until it became Electrium in 20,000 years, and raise Atlantis.

When Chal-Patzun wasn't looking, Georgia killed him with a club to the head. Too late, Mary captured Georgia and tied her to a chair but Georgia refused to reveal any information. Mary could not fathom the Protium using her lightning, and as a mortal she was bound and gagged by Georgia when the earthquake freed her. Mission complete, Georgia stole one vial of Protium and escaped with a helpless Mary in tow, as Atlantis collapsed.

Doctor Sivana hunted for Patzun's current living descendant, and kidnapped the young Dr. Charles Patterson to find the location of the family vault. Patterson left "Atlantis, Coast 35" written on the wall, which allowed Captain Marvel to find the location of the vault and defeat Doctor Sivana, but Sivana escaped while Captain Marvel saved Patterson from an octopus. Only Patterson knew the combination to the Atlantean family vault, and Charles opened it for Marvel. They found Chal-Patzun's skeleton in the vault, and saw that one vial of Neutrium was missing. Sivana returned and used a giant electric eel to turn Captain Marvel back into Billy Batson, then shot Patterson thrice, and left him to rot beside his ancestor Patzun. He took a vial of Neutrium and returned to his base with a trussed-up Billy Batson.

In 12000 AD Chass Passon found two skeletons in the vault, and that two vials of Electrium were missing. Eight vials were still enough to raise Atlantis. As Atlantis rose, Sivana, Jr. knocked out Passon, but was delayed by seaweed thrown his face by Marvel, Jr. Passon placed a remaining vial of Electrium in a disintegrator gun to clear the ruins and asked Captain Marvel, Jr. who he was. When Marvel, Jr. absent-mindedly told Passon his name, he was turned back into Freddy Freeman and knocked out by Sivana, Jr., who further caused an avalanche that killed Chass Passon. With Freddy immobilized and a vial of Electrium in his hand, Sivana, Jr. returned home.

Georgia and Sivana Jr. forced their prisoners, Mary and Freddy, to walk in before them where they found that Billy was a prisoner also. The three Sivanas together added their three elements and turned on the machine. Sivana moved toward the kids with a knife, and they thought that he was going to slit their throats. To their surprise Sivana said "You poor kids. You're all tied up and gagged", and cut them all free. He mocked them, as they could not transform because of the electron shell formed around the Earth, which repelled the lightning.

The kids were marched at gunpoint into a ship, and taken to the remote palace of the Sivanas, where they were released and hunted. But the Marvels stole the Sivana's ship and returned to their lab where they turned off the Protium-powered machine. The electron shell down; they said the magic word and transformed into the Marvels, who easily wrecked the machine and captured and imprisoned the Sivanas.

Appearing in "The Marvel Family Battles the Sivana Family!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Professor Chal-Patzun (Only appearance; dies)
  • Dr. Charles Patterson (Only appearance; dies)
  • Chass Passon (Only appearance; dies)




  • Faster-Than-Light Spacecraft
  • Ship


Synopsis for Kanvasback: "The Spectacular Spectator"

Appearing in Kanvasback: "The Spectacular Spectator"

Featured Characters:

  • Kanvasback

Supporting Characters:

  • Mal Arky


  • "The Marvel Family Battles the Sivana Family!" was reprinted in Shazam! #12, Shazam!: From the 40's to the 70's and Shazam! and the Shazam Family! Annual #1.
  • The story was divided into five chapters:
    • "The Sivana Family Strikes at the Marvel Family!" by Otto Binder and Pete Costanza
    • "The Sinking of Atlantis" by Otto and Jack Binder
    • "Captain Marvel Faces Danger in the Deep!" by Otto Binder, C.C. Beck and Pete Costanza
    • "Atlantis Rises Again" by Otto Binder and Bud Thompson
    • "The Marvel Family in the Battle of the Age!" by Otto Binder, C.C. Beck and Pete Costanza
  • Also appearing in this issue of Marvel Family were:
    • Mary Marvel's Magic" "Solves Her Easter Problem" (advertisement for "Mary Marvel Enterprises")
    • "The Money in the Shoe" (text story) by John C. Adler

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