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"The Amazing Underground City": The Marvels receive a distress call and Billy determines it is from underground, the centre of the Earth 4000 miles down, they transform and bore down. They discover the centre is hollow and two thousand miles across. One hour ago King Klaggor asked Prime Minister

Marvel Family #56 is an issue of the series Marvel Family (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1951.

Synopsis for "The Amazing Underground City"

The Marvels receive a distress call and Billy determines it is from underground, the centre of the Earth 4000 miles down, they transform and bore down. They discover the centre is hollow and two thousand miles across. One hour ago King Klaggor asked Prime Minister Olio what wrongs some people had done. Olio said nothing, he couldn't find any guilty so he dragged in innocent people. Klaggor says Olio knew his day would be ruined if he didn't have sport and condemn someone to die, Olio says it keeps the people oppressed and he can accuse them of being vagrants. They are sentenced to death and an armed guard leads them away. Olio says they cannot escape to the Upper World as only they know about it, so they go into a Museum showing the history of their race only those two enter. They forget to lock the door and a slave sneaks in. The King provides exposition, saying an Ice Age drove their ancestors underground, civilisation sprung up, and the Kings have kept the people ignorant, so they don't escape to the surface. Klaggor says it is good they don't know of an ancient radio that could get help, the slave uses it to call for help. Klaggor tries to kill him, but Captain Marvel arrives and blocks the gun-blast. Klaggor recognises the Marvel Family from radio broadcasts, Klaggor is punched by Jr. Olio by Mary. Cap hears what has happened from the slave and punches the two himself, saying Klaggor's reign is over, which he seems to accept. Cap tells the other two to tell the people Klaggor's reign is over and they can go to the surface, Klaggor and Olio try to push a machine onto the slave, but Cap saves him. The two flee to a rocket ship, their ancestors had space ships, and Cap is blinded by smoke and flames. The two have a map showing them a tunnel they enter leads through caverns to the surface. Mary and Jr. come back and say there are at least a billion people down here, the world would be overcrowded, so they need a new world. How could a few rule over a billion people? Jr. suggests Mars and Venus, Mary says the problems, so Cap says they should build a new world. They go into space, however long-range television-radar has been used to watch them, and Klaggor releases a giant helium bomb to blow a hole in the ocean, making lava pour up, make the ocean boil over and destroy the surface, then he can rule the Underground World again. What if it goes down the caverns? How were such powerful weapons made underground?

The Pacific Ocean starts boiling, meanwhile the Marvels have found a cold dead word about Earth's size and decide to push it back to Earth to model it. They see the boiling from space and Cap tells them to plug the hole with icebergs. Mary is told to form the Mountain and Continents, Jr. to form the oceans, while Cap has another job. Mary decides to start with North and South America. She makes the Rocky Mountains, then starts to fashion Florida's coastlines. Does the world really need to be an exact copy? Are you sure improvements can't be made? Klaggor decides to stop the Marvels with one of the many inventions of the Ancients. He surrounds her with a black bubble that clings to her. Jr. has been forming the Oceans, but is also caught in a back bubble. Klaggor hopes as they can't see they will be lost in space, however Mary finds Jr. as her voice can be heard for miles. Wouldn't that wreck the world? She tells Jr. they will fly at each other at full speed, this smashes the bubbles. They finish the world and go to Earth where Cap has made a space ferry that can hold a million people. They fly through the caverns, Cap found a way through them to the center, he says the caverns brought air for the people to breath. They meet three people who claim to be representatives of the new democratic government established since Klaggor was de-throned. That was surprisingly quick. If the people were aware of this ideology why didn't they overthrow Klaggor themselves? Cap says they can come for the launching ceremony. He wants to make this a great occasion so decides Billy should broadcast for this historic event. Later Billy broadcasts he'll tell the whole story later but now they wish happiness to the Underground people. Mary claims she dedicates and launches the ferry, but seems to just dedicate it. Ferry. However Klaggor is watching and tells Olio to grab the three kids. Why did they all have to turn back when they should have known Klaggor would try to wreck their plan. Olio knocks the foolish three out with a club. When they come to they are tied up and gagged and Klaggor says they are speeding to the new Earth and he is tying them to a powerful helium bomb. He drops them from the rocket, saying the New Earth will be blown to atoms.

However the heat from being dropped so far up makes the Kid's clothes catch on fire, then burns away their gags and bond, they transform and stop the bomb literally two meters above the world. Cap throws the bomb into empty space, but says they'll have to watch for King Klaggor, who is watching them. They claim they can take a million each trip to bring up the Underground People. Shouldn't one stay on the new Earth? The people say getting out is like being let out of a dungeon. Wouldn't they be so used to the underground world that the surface would be bad for them? Shouldn't they have evolved for living Underground by now? The ship has no motor or engine, as the Marvels say they are the engine. Klaggor is watching and says though a million will die, he says he has millions of slaves left. Doesn't he realise they probably won't accept him back? Klaggor fires a black bubble big enough to surround a meteor heading for the Ferry. The Marvels have knocked aside a dozen meteors but can't see anymore. However Cap sees a black patch with no stars, says it is impossible, realizes something is blotting out the stars, and smashes the meteor apart. He sees Klaggor's ship and catches up with it. He 'crowns' him. The other two Marvels bring the Ferry to the New Earth. Cap says when they bring a jail here are their first two prisoners, bringing Klaggor and Olio. He says after they ferry everybody here they'll bring tools and building material. He says they can't let the New Earth stay here as it would upset the orbits of other planets, so they'll push it to a new sun. When they do this one person says they have everything Earth is, but Cap says they have one more thing, a moon they found wandering in space. They then leave the complete Earth.

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