Quote1 You're pure magic. That's it, isn't it? There's no lien on your soul, no price to pay for your skills. It's as natural to you as breathing. Just mutter some backwards bullshit and thy will be done. That's not fair! Shall I tell you of the innocents I've sacrificed... or the years I've traded off my life for the smallest fraction of your power? Quote2
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Known to Zatanna Zatara as a "user" and a "parasite who perverts the very nature of magic," Mary Ann Hoyt, better known by her nom de club Nimue Ravensong, is a sorceress who seduces men, then curses them and sells them off to demons known as "traders," having done so to hundreds in exchange for power.

Nimue met John Constantine in San Francisco, and after seducing him, cursed him with a living mouth on his palm, claiming to be a friend of Zatanna. After he told her, Zatanna made her way to Nimue's home, but was tricked and had some of her own magical power drained into Nimue through the use of a needle made from the bones of the trader who had been part of the deal for John. After realizing that Zatanna could use magic naturally, an enraged Nimue killed one of her transformed lovers (who had been turned to a frog like many others) to drain out some power, only to be transformed into a sloth by Zatanna when she was distracted. Threatened to be given to the San Fransisco Zoo, Nimue reluctantly gave up her new trinket bone and the power she had stolen, and was left to the mercy of her boyfriends, who had been transformed back into human form.[1]

However, as Zatanna realized later, Nimue had not used her real name in the dismissal, so the trader she had sent after John Constantine was still following him. After she was properly turned away from the deal with the right name said by Zatanna herself, Nimue lost the power she had gained from the deal, and was knocked unconscious by her.[1]

Some time later, Nimue was found working with Brother Night, but was easily defeated once again by Zatanna and transformed into a human-sized slug due to a mistake by Romalthi the Shaper.[2]


  • Magic: Nimue isn't a particularly strong magic user, but she is very good with charms and allure spells. She is not one of the Homo Magi, and so needs to sacrifice, whether other or of herself, for her spells, rather than being able to use them naturally.




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