Quote1 There's more to me than just how I look. Quote2
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Mary Batson is the twin sister of Billy Batson and the hero known as Mary Marvel. Together with her brother and best friend, Freddy Freeman, they join together alongside the Marvel Family to defend Fawcett City from the evils of Doctor Sivana and his Sivana Family.

One day, however, Doctor Sivana attacked the Rock of Eternity and kidnapped the wizard Shazam in order to mine the Rock for suspendium which enables the mad scientist to harness enough time to create a new day which he calls Sivanaday. With enough of the crystal, Sivana planned to create whole years which he could sell to people and effectively rule the universe. Though thanks to Mary and her family, she was able to distract Sivana's forces long enough for her brother Captain Marvel to storm Sivana's base and fight him off long enough for Sivanaday to end. And just like any other day, Captain Marvel wins.




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