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Quote1 I've been Mary the older sister. The responsible one in a family of kids who might burn down the house or save the world if you leave them alone for two seconds. And okay, yeah, sometimes I've been a bit of a know-it-all. I've been an overachiever. The girl who raises her hand fastest, and who studies the longest. And I've been a superhero. I've been part of a team, a family--keeping the world safe from monsters, menaces, and magical threats. Quote2
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Mary Bromfield is Mary Marvel. She became one of the Seven Champions of Magic and a member of the Shazam Family along with the Vasquez foster family after her adoptive brother Billy Batson gave her superpowers. Mary later became the new champion of Shazam and was given the full power of the Shazam family. Following the Lazarus Eruption, Mary retook the name Mary Marvel.

Early Life

Mary Bromfield Prime Earth 0003

A young Mary runs away from abusive home

Mary Bromfield lived in a household with her abusive biological parents, prompting her to run away from home at a young age. Eventually she was picked up by the authorities and sent to an orphanage. Soon enough she was adopted by a kindly couple named Victor and Rosa Vasquez. Rosa and Vic had already adopted one child, a disabled boy named Freddy Freeman. One day while on the way home from school Mary and Freddy overheard a pet store owner talking about how they were going to sell a rabbit to a lab for cosmetic research. Deciding they couldn't let that happen Mary and Freddy stole the rabbit and named it Hoppy, bringing it home to take care of it. Soon enough Rosa and Victor adopted several other children, including Eugene Choi, Darla Dudley and Pedro Peña.[1]

Billy Batson

Mr. and Mrs. Vasquez decided they wished to adopt another child, this prompted the arrival of Billy Batson.[2] Billy was originally hostile towards the whole family but when Mary was attacked at school by children who were the sons of a wealthy a corrupt businessman named Bryers, Billy saved her.[3]

A couple of nights later Bryers came to the door of the Vasquez residence accusing Billy of destroying his car, however Billy had been missing since yesterday. A news bulletin came on the TV warning residents of Philadelphia that a new super-villain named Black Adam was rampaging downtown and demanding that the new hero known as Shazam should face him. Freddy then told Mary and the other foster children that Billy was the hero that Black Adam was searching for.[4]

Freddy told Mary and the other children that Billy was gifted magical powers by a dying Wizard, allowing him to transform into an immortal adult; cast spells, fly, and possess super-strength. Black Adam was an ancient Egyptian with the same gifts as Billy who wanted to steal Billy's power for himself. Mary and the kids found Billy at the zoo where he was hiding with a tiger named Tawny who he used to visit with his parents.[4]

Mary Bromfield Prime Earth 0002

Mary becomes Lady Shazam

Billy decided the key to defeating Black Adam would be found in the Rock of Eternity—the Wizard's fortress at the center of existence.[4] Mary and the other kids travelled into a subway tunnel with Billy, after claiming to talk to a woman on Eugene's ipad that nobody else could hear Billy rushed back out of the tunnel to face Adam.[5] Mary and the others followed Billy out of the tunnel but were grabbed by Black Adam.[6]

Black Adam ordered Shazam to give him all of his power or he would kill his siblings. Billy then used a spell to grant Mary and the rest of her family the ability to wield the Living Lightning. The Shazam Family fought Adam but were forced to split up when the Seven Deadly Sins attacked the city, with Mary helping the people evacuate the streets while Billy defeated Adam.[7]

Doomsday Clock

In the wake of the chaos caused by the Superman Theory, the bulk of the superhero community travelled to Mars to confront Doctor Manhattan. Mary and the rest of the Shazam Family were amongst these heroes. The combined efforts of Earth's heroes were no match for Manhattan, and they were quickly wiped out.[8]

The Seven Magiclands

Shazam & Lady Shazam on Funlands Shazam! Vol 3 6

Lady Shazam and Shazam on the Funlands

After stopping a robbery at the Museum of the American Revolution, Mary and her Family went to the Rock of Eternity where they found a Station with a map that showed the Magiclands.[9] The Family entered a train and traveled to the Funlands where they met King Kid, the ruler of the Funlands who claimed to be the Missing Seventh Champion of the Family.[10] King Kid later had his clowns kidnap Mary while sending the Family to other lands, her and Billy were taken to The Below to work as slaves of the Funlands as all adults did.[11] Mary was freed by Billy who removed the gag that was put in her mouth to prevent her from saying the magic word, once transformed, they both fought against King Kid's army.[12]

The two tried to go to the other lands in order to rescue their brothers but due to the battle between Black Adam and Doctor Sivana on the Rock of Eternity they got transported back to their foster home, there Mary found that Billy's biological father had come back for him. While Billy talked to his father, Mary revealed to their foster parents that they're the Shazam Family by transforming in front of them.[13] After Billy rescued their brothers, Mary helped Billy fight the Seven Deadly Sins that were attacking his dad.[14]

When Doctor Sivana allowed King Kid and the Funlands access to Philadelphia while they unlocked the Monsterlands, the Shazam Family went and stopped King Kid's army.[15] Mary and the rest of the family later helped Billy fight the wizard when the latter attacked Billy's dad. In reality, Billy's dad was being controlled by Mister Mind, who realized the Monster Society from the Magiclands on the Earthland.[16] After Billy beated Mister Mind, Superboy-Prime, who was trapped in the Monsterlands and was recently freed, attacked Shazam, Mary and the Shazam Family tried to stop him but they were all beaten until the combined efforts of Shazam and Black Adam stopped the evil Superboy.[17]

The Shazam! Who Laughs

Sometime later Billy began behaving out of character, acting rudely to Mary and the other family members. After he got into an argument with the Vasquezs, Mary tried to get Billy to open up to her. Batson transformed and flew away, although not before assuring her that none of the foster children were his real family. The next day, Lady Shazam and her siblings helped evacuate civilians after massive damages were mysteriously wrought throughout the city. Mary speculated that Batson was responsible, as she believed he had been turned evil. Leaving her siblings to deal with the rescue effort, Lady Shazam began tracking her brother across the world.[18]

Mary Bromfield Prime Earth 0007

Mary after her fight with an infected Billy

Her search led her to the Greek Titan Atlas, who had been defeated by Shazam. Atlas warned her that Batson had been corrupted and was lashing out against any gods he could find. Moving on, Lady Shazam found her brother battling the Greek God of War Ares and came to the aid of the latter. Together, Mary and Ares tried to defeat Shazam, although he was able to best Ares and trick Lady Shazam into lowering her guard by playing innocent. By punching her in the gut, Billy was able to infect her with the corruption that was affecting him. As she transformed, Batson expressed that she was his only true family.[18]

War Against Doom

The corrupted were later freed from the control of the Batman Who Laughs, an alternate reality version of Batman who was responsible for Billy's infection. A short time later, the Legion of Doom was able to free the Multiverse's creator Perpetua from her eternal imprisonment. Her liberation was heralded with the sigil of doom lighting up the sky all across the Multiverse, a sight that worried Lady Shazam and Freddy when they saw it from their home.[19] Shortly thereafter, Mary and Billy were two of the many heroes who assembled in the Hall of Justice to defend it against the armies of Perpetua's right-hand man Lex Luthor.[20]

Losing her powers

Mary along with the rest of the family lost their powers due to Billy's connection to Rock of Eternity being weakened as it was moved to an unknown place. Mary went to visit Billy at the Titans Academy and told him that because their powers didn't work Freddy's disease has gotten worse. Mary asked Billy to go see him and also told him that the Titans had a private meeting with Doctor Fate that may have to do with their powers.[21]

The New Champion

Mary traveled to New York to enter Vassar College as a freshman. Away from her family, Mary was soon found by a magic rabbit named Hoppy, who was given magical powers by her brother Billy Batson. Her brother sent Hoppy to inform Mary that she needed to become the next champion of Shazam while Billy was guarding the Rock of Eternity, as a new danger may arise. Transported into a bank robbery by the rabbit, Mary said the magic word and transformed into Shazam to fight Disaster Master. After defeating the villain, Mary returned to Vassar College only to find out via the police that her foster parents disappeared.[22]

Mary Bromfield Prime Earth 0005

Mary embraced being the new champion of Shazam

She returned to the Vazquez Foster Home as the only legal guardian of her adopted siblings. Hoping to find her parents, Mary briefly transferred to Fawcett Community College, which was close to their last seen location. There she met with Eugene, who revealed to her the frustration he and his other siblings were feeling after losing their powers. In the middle of her first class, Mary left to fight a Crocodile Monster. During the fight she realized that the creature was being manipulated by a group of mysterious shadowy figures that attacked her and Hoppy. Mary also realized that her parents were not the only people missing in town.[23]

Mary investigated the magic-tech device that the crocodile and all the villains she recently fought had. She also discovered a bunch of homeless people living on the Philadelphia underground and met Dudley, a homeless man that named their place Camp Patco and was also worried about the missing people. A man named Babel then arrived and attacked Camp Patco, using his powers to turn Mary's insecurities against her, but she was able to overcome it and defeat the villain, who escaped.[24]

She later figured out that the person behind the disappearances was Georgia Sivana, the daughter of Thaddeus Sivana, who after being disgraced for the actions of her father began to master magic through technology with the intention to restore her reputation. Mary traveled down to the science lab of the Fawcett Community College, where Sivana had all the kidnapped people trapped to use as guinea pigs for her experiments, rescuing the victims and defeating Georgia before the college crumbled from the battle.[25]




  • Gauntlets of Atlas: After giving her powers up Mary was gifted with the Gauntlets of Atlas which grant her vast superhuman strength.[28]
  • Sandals of Hermes: Mary was granted the Sandals of Hermes, a pair of magical sandals that grant the wearer the ability to fly.[28]
    • Flight: The Sandals grant Mary the power of flying at great speed.[28]
  • Helm of Victory[28]


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