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Quote1 Just one more case, and then that's it, I promise. No more Titans West. Unless... Quote2
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Bette Kane is the heroine Flamebird (formerly Hawkfire and Bat-Girl), the cousin and former student of Batwoman as well as the cousin of Batman. She was a former member of the Teen Titans and is now part of a revived Titans West.

Early Life

At some point in the past, Bette became a teenage superhero known as Batgirl and was part of the Teen Titans as well as the Titans West.[1]

She then became Flamebird later in life and managed to defeat Deathstroke on her own at some point.[3]


Bette trains with Batwoman, her cousin, under the identity of Plebe, the term used to describe freshmen at West Point, after she burns her Flamebird costume.

After Batwoman's first, nearly-fatal encounter with La Llorona, she informs Bette that she will no longer be training her due to the dangers involved and Bette not taking things seriously. Angry, Bette later dons a spare Flamebird costume and heads out on a solo patrol, where she is badly beaten and gutted by the Hook. Cameron Chase soon finds her and delivers her to a hospital, but not before using her to determine Batwoman's real identity.

Bette remains in a coma for some time, and receives further therapy from Jacob Kane after she returns home. She later takes the identity of Hawkfire to assist Batwoman and Wonder Woman in defeating Medusa, and later helps recover Elizabeth Kane from the DEO.

She hangs up the Hawkfire uniform after getting ambushed by Wolf Spider during a patrol and getting some ribs broken, though she still assists Batwoman behind the scenes.

A Lonely Place of Living

Bette, visiting Kate in Gotham, discusses how much happier Kate is with the Bat-Family. She then goes on to say she wants to join The Team as Flamebird. Kate replies that if Bette manages to pass her second year Term End Exams at West Point better than the 99th percentile, she'll pass on a good word to Batman. Bette tries to argue, but Kate is called away by Batman. She orders Bette to stay put and out of costume. Bette agrees reluctantly.[4]

The Birds and The Bees

Bette, now as Flamebird, tracks down Hank Hall after he goes missing investigating the mysterious "Love Hive" alongside former Titans West members Dawn and Karen. Finding out the culprit is Queen Bee, they incapacitate her, freeing Hank and the rest of her hostages, although Zazzala teleports away. Afterwards, she mentions how Lilith was looking into a spring cleaning firm that may be a cover for interdimensional monsters before she disappeared, proposing that this could be another Titans West case to the chagrin of her friends.[2]


  • At some point she took a break from vigilante work and vacationed in Los Angeles, and later enrolled at West Point.
  • By the time of "A Lonely Place of Living," she is a yearling, or sophomore, making her a member of the Class of 2020.



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