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Quote1 The heir to Hamilton Dynamics and I got money to spend. Quote2
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Mary Hamilton is the step-sister of Kate Kane, a medical student, and the owner of an illegal clinic.


  • Unique Physiology: One of Pamela Isley's vines infected Mary; making her Pamela's "sporeling" as the second Poison Ivy.[4]
    • Chlorokinesis: Mary can cause plants of all kinds to grow at a rapid rate simply by commanding them to do so, and can manipulate and animate them as she wishes.[4]
      • Pheromone Control: Mary was able to secrete pheromones from her skin that can cause men and women alike to become infatuated with her, making them subservient to her every will.[5]
    • Telepathy: Mary can talk telepathically with Poison Ivy.
    • Power Absorption
    • Superhuman Senses: Mary had the ability to expand her hearing range, giving her the ability to hear sounds before the sound waves actually reaches her.




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