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Mary is the adoptive mother of Tim Hunter, the boy destined to be the greatest mage of earth.

She died when Tim was very young, leaving him and her husband Bill Hunter alone.

Mary has had a great impact on Tim's life, and his absence is the main reason why Tim choose to beleive in magic, as he needed something to fill the void left by her death.[1].

The origins of Mary are sketchy at best. It is plausible that she was not human, but instead a resident of The Fair Lands, as she possessed a glamour stone with the last image recorded been 'Mary'. Also, when her tomb was opened by an angry Titania, her skull was left seen and was distinctable not human.[1] Lastly, the real identity of Mary could be of Bridey the Brownie, the midwife who helped give birth to Tim, as she was last seen leaving the Fair Lands with the boy, whom she just could not leave to his death, and Auberon forbid her to enter faerie again, on pain of death.[2]



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