Mary Keeny was the great-grandmother of the Scarecrow.

She was the mother of Marion Keeny and the grandmother of Karen Keeny. After Karen gave birth to her son, as the infant was born out of wedlock, Mary didn't let her granddaughter raise or name her child, taking Jonathan under her care.[1]

A fanatical religious, she raised her great-grandson at her mansion under her beliefs and customs. She even forced him to work on the field the family had. Though she fed him, she tormented Jonathan both physically and emotionally. One such experience which marked his life was when Mary locked him at the Keeny family chapel, dressed in a suit contaminated with a homemade chemical designed to enrage the flocks of crows that resided there and force them to attack the source. Another of Mary's fanatical tendencies was squeeze the blood of a dead rat on Jonathan's tuxedo and then leave the rat on the shoulder of the scarecrow they had in the field, leading Jonathan to develop a creppling fear to her great-grandmother.[1]

Following several years of torture and torment, after Jonathan became fascinated with his fear methods that provoked the death of the bullies that harassed him at school, he decided to take his revenge on her great-grandmother. With the same chemical her great-grandmother used on him, Jonathan locked Mary inside the Kenny family chapel, where she was attacked by the crows and killed, paying for the pain she inflicted on Jonathan.[2]

After her death, the Keeny mansion was left abandoned. Some years later, while searching the whereabouts of the Scarecrow, Batman went to the mansion and discovered Mary's skeletical remains at the chapel.[1]



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