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Quote1 It's Catherine. But my friends call me "Cat", Cat Grant. With a "C". Want a cookie? Quote2
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Cat Grant was a reporter for the Daily Planet.

Mary Louise Shroger was once involved with an abusive man, whom she had a son with. Eventually, Mary Louise left him. To protect herself and her son, Mary Louise had her name legally changed to Catherine "Cat" Grant. She started working for the Deepdale Morning Register, where she wrote a piece opposing the Green Arrow. After a few weeks at the Deepdale Morning Register, Cat was given an offer from the Daily Planet and moved to Metropolis.[1]

Being a conservative, Cat frequently clashed with the liberal Lois Lane. Cat disapproved of people with "alternative lifestyles", including vigilantes like the Green Arrow and the Blur. Cat once became convinced that Lois was the Blur but was disproven after having tried to expose her.[1][2]

Because of her views on vigilantes, Cat was a supporter of the VRA. However, her views on vigilantes began to change after Lois revealed to her, how many times that the Blur had saved Cat. Noting that her son wouldn't have a mother, if it hadn't been for the Blur.[3] After the VRA was overturned, Cat became a supporter of Booster Gold. However, her affection soon shifted over to the Blur, after he saved her once more.[4]


  • Not to be confused with Catherine Grant, the host of Good Morning Metropolis. According to Cat, their shared name often cause people to think that they're related.[1]



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