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Mary Martin, also known as Zed and the Mary, was a British mage and friend and ally of John Constantine.

Mary was the daughter of Elder Martin, leader of the Resurrection Crusade, and destined from birth to be a vital part in their plan of the Second Coming. She was kept pure, and was to give birth to Jesus by mating with an angel. She escaped to London.

Zed first met Constantine when he was investigating a conflict between the Resurrection Crusade and the Damnation Army, and he was unaware she was part of the conflict. The two became friends and later lovers. This ended the Crusade's careful conditioning. When she was captured and the ritual prepared, it failed as she was no longer a virgin. In the commotion, she was separated from Constantine and went into hiding.

Drastically changing her appearance, she became a shaman in the Pagan Nation in Scotland. She started a relationship with one of the women in the group, Marj, and channeled earth magic through ley lines. They joined forces with Constantine and Marj's daughter Mercury again to defeat the eldritch god Jallakuntilliokan and his Fear Machine. Zed's connection to Mother Earth proved important to destroy the male energy of Jallakuntilliokan.

Zed returned to Constantine a third time, and this was most important for him. After the death of his father, Zed and Merc discovered the secret of the Golden Boy in John's mind. Born as twins, John had strangled his brother in the womb. After a hallucination that allowed him to meet his brother, Constantine left Zed, who stayed in the Pagan Nation.[1]

Sometime later, she tried to lead John to an orgy, but failed.[2]





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