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Mary Marvel is the twin sister of Captain Marvel and a member of the Marvel Family, given incredible powers by the Wizard Shazam. Originally, Mary Batson is adopted under the name Mary Bromfield, although she later discovers Billy Batson is her long-lost brother. In The New 52, Mary was known as Lady Shazam. In the Infinite Frontier, Mary later became the new champion of the Wizard and was given the full power of Shazam before later retaking the title of Mary Marvel again. She has been a member of the Justice League, the Super Buddies, and the Black Marvel Family.

The powers she has been granted include S for the grace of SelenaH for the strength of HippolytaA for the skill of AriadneZ for the fleetness of ZephyrusA for the beauty of Aurora, and M for the wisdom of Minerva. The Prime Earth version swaps out Artemis for stamina instead of Ariadne, Selene for agility instead of Selena, and Aurora for invulnerability rather than beauty.[1] These are the powers of the mythological figures themselves.

Mary Marvel was created by Otto Binder and Marc Swayze, first appearing in Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (1942).


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