Quote1 You can't contain me, Batman! Nothing can. You'll all DIE! Quote2
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Mary Michaels, better known by her alias Freon, was a radioactive supervillainess with the ability to produce and fire green ice crystals which she could use to trap her enemies. Her husband Michael had a body made out of magma, and at some point in the past the pair fought off against Batman, with Batman being forced to kill Michael using a water spray and through unknown means their confrontation resulted in Mary being injured and placed in a radiation containment suit. Mary's friend and CEO of Hodges Labs Dr. Howard Hodges, who was in love with her, kept her in stasis and controlled the levels of radioactive iodine within her body in order to try to return her to her original human form. However, after waking Mary up, he realised that he had miscalculated the iodine levels, and Freon blasted through her suit using radiation blasts and demanded that Howard tell her where Michael was. When he told her of her husband's death, Mary swore vengeance against the entire city, and later went on to shut off its power, in order to lure in Batman towards her (though she was planning to kill Gotham's entire population). Despite capturing Batman, she was defeated by the combined efforts of Shriek and The Hacker, who recalibrated her containment suit and left her to the police to deal with.[1]




  • Radiation containment suit



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