The Great Pumpkin

Mary Quintas was raised in a family of competitive serial killers. Being the only one of her family to never have been arrested or suspected of her murders, she felt that she was deserving of the most of her mother's praise. After years of ceaseless competition, Mary determined the only way to outdo her family was to kill them herself. On October 28th, she killed her brother Charles and left his body strung up in a back alley with his heart removed stomach jaggedly slashed open and his intestines spilling out. Two days later, on October 30th she did the same to her brother Terry. Robin, was able to deduce that she was the killer, and figured out her next victim: her nephew Gareth Quintas. On Halloween, Mary shared stories of their family with Gareth, whom she had bound to a chair. She revealed that his father Charles had been the youngest killer at fourteen when he started, and that her brother Paterno had a record so high that he was still unbeatable even after he had been in prison for five years. She continued by claiming that she had always been more concerned with theme in her murders than setting records. As she prepared to strike, Robin burst through a window and she attacked him instead. Despite her fighting prowess, she was overpowered and leapt from a balcony into the crowd of police below, vowing to return next Halloween. Despite the odds, she managed to escape the mass amounts of police by killing them all as she fled.[1]



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