Mary West was the mother of the third Flash, Wally West.

Mary West lived in Blue Valley, Nebraska, and was married to Rudy West. Her husband treated her and their son, Wally, very disrespectfully, demanding love and attention, mostly because of the lack of love he had received from his father. Wally, of course, later became Kid Flash, and ultimately, the Flash.

Mary and Rudy had been having marital problems. She went on a Caribbean cruise without him, and there was an accident. She was presumed dead. However, she appeared later in a Miami hospital.[1]

She came to Middle Hampton to live with Wally. The tension she built with Tina McGee, who was also living with him, coupled with the stress from the accident, led to a drinking habit which began forming.[2]

Since Wally was so busy, Mary began to handle his finances. After the stock market crash, he owed thousands of dollars and had to move out of his mansion.[3] She moved with him into an apartment.

Feeling bad, Mary went to Chunk to ask for some money, only to find him in complete disarray, unable to keep track of his appointments. Since she was desparate for a job to help support Wally, he offered to take her on as a secretary.

Mary reprogrammed Wally's JLE Transporter in their apartment so she could also use it. During one trip to Italy, she helped Inspector Antonio Verdi of Interpol capture an international jewel thief that he had chased across three continents. Shortly thereafter, Wally decided to move to Keystone City, leaving Mary alone in the apartment.[4]


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