Marya was the daughter of a servant of the Russian Tsar around 1800.

She was selected by the Tsarina to learn ballet, and before trying to learn it, she escaped to the magical world of Free Country, where all children can live forever in peace.[1]

Marya was among the kids of Free Country who tried to bring all the kids of the world into Free Country. For this end, she was tasked into convincing the greatest mage on earth, Timothy Hunter to go to Free Country and use his magic to power the land. Once he went to Free Country, Marya stayed in the walking world, though, and went into dancing school, to learn ballet that she grew to love while in Free Country.

In the Swan Dance School she befriended Molly O'Reilly, without knowing her relationship with Tim. The three of them had to fight Reverend Slaggingham who was trapping souls for their bodies, and gave powers to Daniel, who was expelled from Free Country for murdering another kid, and once in London started stalking Marya.[2]

Some months later Marya still could not solve her differences with Daniel, and Circe transformed him into a puppy that Marya adopted.[3]



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