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Mason Trollbridge was a neighbor of Flash (Wally West) in New York City.

When Mason Trollbridge was fourteen, his idol was the Clipper, an intense Depression-era superhero, so named because when he didn't shoot a crook, he clipped off their ear so he could find them again. Mason met him during a hot night in 1931, after the Clipper fended off some would-be theives. Mason became his assistant, carrying around his disguise and extra guns. It always impressed him that the Clipper had helped out a slum boy like himself, even though he did learn that the hero was drunk that night.

Mason eventually had children, Susie and Denny. Susie got married and became a part of what he called a "yuppie-doo" family, living in White Plains. Denny always had been a loser, and had moved to Keystone City.[2]

After Wally West lost all of his money, he had to move into an apartment. Mason lived down the hallway from him. He and Wally became good friends. He even helped him track down Vandal Savage.

For a while, Mason even revitalized the Clipper, taking the guise on himself. His short-lived career was rather unsuccessful. The few crimes he halted included a hold-up where both the perpetrators and the victims ended up laughing too hard because of Mason's antics. He did, however, collaborate with a powerless Wally in defeating Abra Kadabra.

After Wally's powers were returned and caused him to melt a deep track across the face of the country, using a device developed by the Jerry and Tina McGee, Mason decided to join the two scientists, who had decided to follow the speedster's tracks in hopes of helping him. Chunk bought him a new truck, which they used for the trip, since his previous one had been destroyed defeating Abra Kadabra a little earlier. They followed him to a giant crater near Swainsville, New Mexico. They stayed in this tiny community for a while, researching what had happened the day of Wally's run across the country and apparent explosion nearby. A lot of tension built up between the three of them and the small community. In the end, they were able to find Wally, who had become the Porcupine Man, and restore him to normal, with the help of Chunk.

When Wally decided to move from New York to Keystone City, Mason decided to join him to share rent, get closer to Denny, and get away from Susie, who he felt he was embarassing.[2]


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