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Massacar was a pirate and enslaver, and later was a Soviet General, who was an enemy of the Blackhawk Squadron.

Some time after the Second World War, a criminal called Massacar discovered a mostly-intact, long-uninhabited, sub-sea city, seemingly a Lost Island of Atlantis, on the bottom of the ocean, and built a glassoid dome over it, then used it as his home base. The mostly-submerged island had a mountain peak, atop which Massacar built a fake lighthouse, to disguise the ventilation and access hatches into his lair. From this base he operated a fleet of three Flying Submarines which preyed on international shipping, especially on "U.N." ships, carrying war supplies to embattled areas. Cargoes were stolen for re-sale, and crews were mostly massacred, but some captured crewmen were enslaved, manually shoveling mud from the ocean floor, to expand the secret base.

This went on until 1953, when one embattled freighter managed to send an SOS to the Blackhawk Squadron. That team obtained a cargo ship and rigged it with aircraft-launching catapults, loaded their F-90 interceptor jets aboard it, and searched until they found the pirate lair. Two of the team were captured, but by a clever ruse were able to signal the others from the fake lighthouse, betraying the concealed city's secret location. After a battle in which two of the flying subs were destroyed, the Blackhawks captured the third, and Masssacar was apparently killed.[1]

In 1955 he returned, no longer an independent pirate but a Red Marshal, with a detachment of Soviet troops and rocket technicians, and a hidden fortress inside a mountain on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. He had a nuclear missile and was preparing to launch it into Europe when his base was accidentally discovered by the Blackhawks, who reported all this to the European defense authorities, who bombed the island base into oblivion.[2]



Flying Submarines

  • How Massacar survived his concussion and ocean plunge, as seen in Blackhawk #64, is not known.
  • How and why Massacar gained the rank of Red Marshal and command of a secret Soviet missile base, as seen in Blackhawk #86, are not known.
  • Whether or not Massacar survived the bombing that annihilated his hidden launching site, as seen in Blackhawk #86, is not known.



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