The Master of Games was a ringmaster in a gladiatorial arena.

The Master of Games abducts eight "heroes" from Earth -- Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy from the Teen Titans, four independents, and Gizmo of H.I.V.E. -- and subjects them to a one-on-one contest with each other for the promise of winning "great prizes". However, as Cyborg and Robin eventually find out, the Master Of Games is using the contest to abduct the losers within his crystal medallion and use their abilities to give himself all sorts of power. Robin eventually challenges the Master Of Games to a duel where he frees all the captured contestants from the medallion, causing him to disappear. However, after all the "heroes" return to Earth, the Master of Games reappears again and this time abducts eight "heroines" -- which includes Starfire, Raven, and Terra -- for another contest, which presumably they also manage to prevail.


  • Dimensional Travel: The Master of Games can teleport people from all over the world to his alternate dimension at will.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): The Master has shown the ability to defend himself against Robin, Speedy, and Cyborg.
  • Deception: The Master managed to fool all of the heroes into participating in his game. He promised prizes, but the prizes were the heroes' powers.


  • Obsession: The Master of Games is obsessed with winning and refuses to lose. Even when winning looks bleak, he persists and does not lose gracefully.
  • Attacking his Knecklace: The Master's knecklace is his only source of power. If the knecklace is hit, it will lose control of the powers it contains. If hit hard enough, the knecklace releases all of the contained powers.


  • Master of Games' Knecklace: The Master of Games' knecklace is a red gem with a piece of cloth attached. The knecklace absorbs defeated heroes and allows the user to use their powers. If the knecklace is hit, it loses hold of the captured heroes.
  • Animal Mimicry: When the Master of Games captured Beast Boy, he gained the super heroes powers of animal mimicry. However, the Master of Games could only transform his left arm.
  • Archery: After absorbing Speedy, the Master of Games could shoot arrows like Speedy's from his palms.
  • Cybernetic Enhancement: When Gizmo was captured, the Master of Games gained Gizmo's spider legs. They jutted out of his back and allowed quick movement.
  • Energy Blasts: When Cyborg discovered the Master's plot, the Master abducted Cyborg and his powers. The Master of Games' arm then became robotic like Cyborg and could shoot sound blast like the hero.
  • Enhanced Intellect: After absorbing Gizmo, the Master had an enhanced intellect equal to that of the child genius.
  • Pyrokinesis: When the Master captured Hot Spot, he gained the ability to shoot flames from his a
  • Water Projection: When the Master collected Aqualad, the Master of Games gained the ability to spit a pulse of water from his mouth.



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