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Mastrocola is a former information thief turned into a hero.

Mastrocola was captured by Supergirl during an attempted heist.[1] Being more interested in helping people than in merely putting them behind bars,[2] the Girl of Steel talked Mastrocola into turning a new leaf and reconnecting with his family.[3]

Once he was out of jail, Mastrocola decided to put his talents to better uses; so, he built a special armor and adopted the name Insight. In his public debut, Insight tried to stop Strange Visitor's mad rampage. Insight was defeated but saved from Strange Visitor by Supergirl's quick arrival. In the aftermath of the battle, he was captured by the D.E.O. due to Director Bones' insistence on keeping superhumans under control.[4] Nonetheless, Insight allowed himself to be captured. As under custody of the D.E.O., the nanotech in his blood activated and hacked into their systems. When Insight was broken free by Cameron Chase and Lar-On, he transmitted the data he discovered on the DEO's dirty dealings to a database to be spread around.[5]

Later he joined the newly-founded team Justice Foundation.[6]


  • Nanoactive Blood: As Insight, Mastrocola's plasma fluids have been spliced with micromachinery which enables him direct interfacing with his cybernetically enhanced exoskeleton. As well as simple wireless connectivity to any and all forms of technology within a wide vicinity.[7]
    • Techno-Interface: Insight's nanites enable him to observe, trawl, store and project countless bytes of information via wi-fi connection server.[8]
    • Enhanced Senses: The technology on and in his system enables Insight to see and receive data from all across National City.[8]



  • Insight Armor: Mastrocola uses a mechanized suit of armor fashioned after the spartan guardian of Grecian myth. which magnifies his physical dexterity. Armed and augmented through fiber optics, Tesla Receivers, Nano-Processors.[8]
  • Dataphage: An information hoarding and plundering device which Mastrocola used to rob a train of passengers of all their personal information. Bank records, social security numbers, photos, shopping habits, etc. (Formerly)[9]


  • Energy Sword: An energized sword that could hurt even an energy being like Strange Visitor.[8]

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